Into The Echo | Press Kit
Into The Echo | Press Kit

Into The Echo | Press Kit

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About Us


ETLOK Studios Inc.


PC, Console



Into the Echo is a time-travel based MMORPG where players can explore the intricate planet of Raava and its deep history by travelling back in time to the echoes of the past. Into The Echo is taking the traditional mechanics like resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat to build the next generation of social and community based experiences where players with unique individual reputations can to work together to accomplish challenges that reward all and move the world forward.

What Makes Into The Echo Different?

Unique Progression System

Into The Echo uses a revolutionary new hub and spoke style progression system that allows players to build their own reputations within the world.

Time Travel

Into The Echo features a unique time-travel mechanic whereby players can travel back to various eras into the past to uncover secrets that can aid them.

Community Challenges

Players with different skills must band together to complete challenges. Some accomplishments can end up rewarding the entire community.

Crafting, Puzzles, Combat & more

Into The Echo provides a wide array of gameplay including a unique crafting system, intricate puzzles as well as combat in both PvP and PvE formats.

Company Description

ETLOK Studios in a AAA studio based in Toronto that is focused on creating the next-generation massively multi-player experiences. They take a holistic approach to MMOs looking beyond the game into building an entire virtual universe that transcends media platforms to become a launching pad for unique social and community experiences for years to come. Our philosophy revolves around character diversity - a concept based on giving each player ability to find their own purpose and building a unique identity within the world.

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Announcing Into The Echo
Announcing Into The Echo


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